Chris’ background as a physician, a hospital administrator, and employer in the health care industry has made him one of the leading experts in healthcare in the General Assembly.  Chris said “I originally decided to run for office because of my frustration with our healthcare system and in particular how we provide care to those most in need.  I am absolutely dedicated to ensuring high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare for all Virginians.  Our current system is badly broken; I am very pleased to be part of finding innovative solutions to these very difficult problems.”  Health care reform is an immediate concern for all Virginians that we will continue to address. As we look for ways to reform health care, it is crucial that we have individuals with firsthand knowledge of the challenges at the table to advocate for patients, and to ensure the quality, safety, affordability and accessibility of health care in the future.

Dr. Stolle has carried many pieces of legislation important to the health of Virginians which include: HJ99 (2010) – Directed the Joint Commission on Health Care to study catastrophic health insurance coverage options; HB2216 (2011) – Allows a laboratory, with authorization from patient, to provide a copy of the report of the results directly to the insurance carrier. HB638 (2012) – Provides that a court may authorize medical treatment for an incapacitated person; HB1280 (2012) – Amends the criteria for psychiatric inpatient admission for inmates at local correctional facilities; HB86 (2014) – Expands the criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospital admissions from local correctional facilities; HB1499 (2013) – Clarifies the circumstances under which emergency medical services personnel may administer medications; HB1588 (2013) – Physician Loan Repayment Program; HB391 (2014) – National accrediting organizations; HB580 (2014) – Active duty military health care providers; practice at public and private health care facilities: HB893 (2014) – Anatomic pathology services; HB2322 (2015) – Health benefit plans; essential health benefits waiver; HB221 (2016) – Active duty health care providers at public or private health care facilities; HB435 (2016) – Licensure of adult day care centers; and HB1691 (2011) – Provides for a program established by the Department of Veterans Services to monitor and coordinate mental health and rehabilitative services support for Veterans.

For his efforts in support of the health of Virginians Chris has received the Virginia Healthcare and Hospital Association Hero of Healthcare award, the Virginia College of Emergency Physicians “Emergency Medicine Heroes” award, and the Virginia Association of Nursing “Friend of Nursing” Award.