Jobs and economic development have been Chris Stolle’s primary focus since he was first elected.  To expand jobs and diversify our economy we must create an environment that will attract business.  New or growing companies are looking for locations that have strong public schools, a skilled and educated work force, low taxes, freedom from burdensome regulation, access to high quality health care, a strong transportation system with a modern infrastructure, and communities that offer attractive living for their employees.  Focusing on jobs means focusing on our schools, our workforce, our transportation system, our tax structure, our business climate, and the natural beauty of our area.  Chris started a successful small business after a 24-year career in the Navy.  He understands the challenges facing both job seekers and job creators.

Chris has championed legislation focusing on transportation, workforce development, education, healthcare and the quality of life in our area to ensure our citizens have the employment opportunities that will support their families.