Public Safety

Our neighbors and our children deserve the security of feeling safe at home or throughout the community.  Chris patroned legislation to make our schools safer, combat domestic violence, fight human trafficking, and address the heroin and opioid crisis that plagues the Commonwealth and the nation.

The state police and many localities are now also facing force shortages.  Chris has supported pay raises for law enforcement while also supporting major initiatives geared toward cracking down on repeat, chronic and habitual domestic violence offenders and empowering women with the ability to protect themselves and their children in their most vulnerable moments.

Chris also introduced legislation that: protects our port by giving the Port of Virginia the ability to retain employees with special police powers; enhances our prescription monitoring system; protects emergency room health care workers from battery, protects children born with substance abuse exposure, and provides our courts with the ability to addresses the unique mental health needs of our veterans with a veterans’ court docket.  He introduced HB1705 in 2013 to update the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund to ensure that restitution payments to victims of crimes would not be delayed by bureaucracy.